Friday, October 24, 2014

Colloidal Silver Canada

Medically approved silver products are used every day in hospitals and healthcare centers. Chances are the catheters and burn-wound dressings being used today at your local hospital are silver-impregnated.

Make sure you choose a 10 part-per-million formula that consists of only ultra-pure water and silver and has the smallest particle size possible. Look and ask for photographic documentation by the company. Our recommended formula is Sovereign Silver. We have reviewed extensive data on this formulation and have found it to be highly effective at the lowest dosages. That means it is perhaps the most biologically active silver formula available. 

Sovereign Silver, Colloidal Silver,  Dropper, 236ml

Price $28.94, FREE SHIPPING in North America

Silver is one of those age-old remedies that ought to be in every home's medicine cabinet. Its uses are varied, medically documented, and proven to be highly effective for supporting the body's immune system. At the very least, we think that silver ought to be in every home's emergency preparedness kit simply for helping to disinfect water. (Silver is used to disinfect water throughout the world.)